Keeping my eyes open to glimpses of God

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Post

I love to write. I love to see God in my everyday happenings and journal about what I've seen and what it means for my life. I love to read and listen to people's stories and see what resonates with my soul. I try my best to live with purpose, to live with openness to new possibility, and to live with an eye open for what God is doing in me and in the world around me. And that's what this blog is about.

I love to share with others what I'm learning and figuring out and what I'm seeing God do. Who knows? Maybe it could be a book someday.

I chose the title "Owl Eye Vision" because this year I have become especially fascinated with owls and the wisdom and all-seeing capabilities they symbolize. I hope to gain better and better spiritual vision allowing me to see God each and every day and to learn from those encounters. And I'll be sharing them here with you. Thanks for reading. : )

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